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Board Chair Chopped Up an Wedged

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Walk Soft, Carry A Sharp Axe

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Forest Products Wood Industry

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Architecturally Speaking

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‘with the realization that architecture is something more than brick and timber: it is an art, an expression of the people and there times, and a cultural heritage.’

Liang Ssu-ch’ eng

Got Wood Got Carbon

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Bench tales, #2 in a series

80 lbs of carbon

more or less

prelude to chair

Moderne Vernacular

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Building materials and practices, that do not rely on the presumed advantages, of cheap energy

A Part of the the Art

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I am a little hard of hearing, eh, Fat cat got ur tongue

The beast has been released, the dragon is well.

Fools Foolin Fools

Old School Power Shift

Goin Down

Time to Ying ur yang

Ding a ling

I first saw the Rockdale Beam April 1 2009