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The Glad Clear Sound of Ones Own Voice

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Many Thanks To David Nevala

 Whose Pictures Speak for Themselves


The Dragon’s Well Tale

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A half splayed¬†stepp’d tabled birds mouth

The Song of the Broad Axe

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Where equanimity is illustrated in affairs

helve produced from a little seed sown

Shapely Naked

boundless impatience of restraint

Nothing endures but personal qualities

Where the populace rise at once

the dead advance as much as the living

beggarly arguments

actions that rely on themselves

Superior Being

never ending audacity of elected persons

glad clear sound

To be lean'd and to lean on

served those out of mind

doors giving many entrances

bracing the earth

Welcome all

children to be

laws of nature

shapes arise

Away! using axes

Independence the natural life of the woods