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Working man work’ in perspective’s cutting edge

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Foresters Forest

Builders Build

Tree's Tree

Workers Work

Teachers Teach

Workers Work


Before Petroleum Beyond Wall Mart

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token to the outstanding craftsmanship and unerring tradition of long past.    -ROAR HAUGLID

Chop, Chop, Chop ….

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Practice Forestry

Solid Forest , Wharton Esherick, Song of the Broad Axe,1924

Build in Rhythm

Building , Wharton Esherick, The Song of the Broad Axe 1924

Plant trees

Beauty of Woodsmen , Wharton Esherick, The Song of the Broad Axe 1924

Weapon, shapely, naked, wan!  
Head from the mother’s bowels drawn!  
Wooded flesh and metal bone! limb only one, and lip only one!  
Gray-blue leaf by red-heat grown! helve produced from a little seed sown!  
Resting the grass amid and upon,          
To be lean’d, and to lean on

Walt Whitman