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Madison Bridges, Ugly as Sin

Posted in Architecture, Bridges with tags on February 15, 2011 by Myaker
Our civic leaders clearly stated that consideration be given
to artistic quality rather than utilitarian bridge structures,
“…so that it behooves us to demand not merely strength
but dignity and civic splendor in their construction. Every
City bridge is an opportunity. It cannot be too often stated

that nothing pays so well as beauty, and that this

constitutes a large part of the capital of Madison.”

Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Report


May 1904

 ” Art is the skilled formed out of a force to create or to shape something significant,

to put it into life and to truly maintain it in life. Man is able and capable to form bad things,

evil things and things adverse to nature; but he ought not to do that. However, if he does so,

it is not art, but it is sin and crime to create and shape things adverse to nature”

Karl Christian Friedrich Krause  ” The Science of Landscape Art” written 1832 published 1883

Quoted in Forest Aesthetics by Heinrich von Salisch

Thanks to keith for that quote