Love for Certain Work

Traveling is as refreshing for some
as staying at home is for others.

Solitude in a mountain place
Fills with companionship
For this one,

                  And dead weariness
For that one.
                  This person loves
being in charge of the workings
of a community.
                   This one loves the ways heated iron can be shaped
with a hammer.
                     Each has been given              a strong desire for certain work.
A love for those motions,
and all motion is love.

The way sticks and pieces of dead grass and leaves
shift about in the wind
And with the directions of rain and puddle water
On the ground, those motions
are all a following
Of the love they’be been given.

(III , 1616-1619) Coleman Barks   RUMI









Pining for Pine


Like stopping time

Creating a rhyme

Making a bee line

Thoughts like mine

Ought to be free

Sure not a crime


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