Many Axes Many Mistakes

Yes, I have many axes and have made many mistakes I have been busted for things I did and didn’t do. This isn’t about my mistakes, you will have to visit my projects, or talk to my ex about that.
I would like, to visit, in precise detail the many mistakes at my Jun 26 custody hearing and my Sept 11 initial appearance. First of all, the DA sent a boy, to do a man’s job, sure he has limited options, that is not an excuse!! I did one job in ND


St. James Episcopal Cannonball Standing Rock Reservation ND


Reciprocal Roof Framing


TeePee Roof Framing

How that translates, ‘to owns property and frequently travels too ND’ is any bodys guess? Mine? Completely unprepared and fabricated. Verdict Guilty!!! Further, the unprepared boy said something about me being a wolf, that’s about as close, to facts, as he had that day.

Commissioner Hanson I would like to address your comments that day. 27 months on bail  and they don’t even have time, to allow your voice to be heard, in court.

First off, thank you, for taking the time to write an opinion on Sept 9. On June 26 you made two comments, I would like to address. One, you said ‘well he did bring an axe to the city county building’, and two in reply, to my lawyers expressing, that I did not feel listened to, you said something to the effect, ‘we are listening that’s why you keep ending up, in front of , me wearing blue.’ 

Ok bud,  there is nothing inherently violent or dangerous, with bringing an axe to grind. It is a tool. Here is the listening part, please pay attention closely. Thank You. Now, the reason why I brought the Axe. With out going in to unnecessary detail. I had designed and bid, on a Forest Shelter, to be built with wood harvested on site and hewn with an Axe. I had worked with, for over a year Dane County Parks, to develop a building, which was more in line with their master plan. I was assured by Chris James, only those with verifiable experience would be allowed to bid. So, it was much to my surprise, when a contractor, with close ties to John(see previous post)  with no hewing experience, who hadn’t even showed up at the pre- bid site meeting, showed up at bid opening with low bid. (Aside: given the nature of the work,  not showing up at pre bid site meeting is a clear sign contractor was not qualified). Oh boy, fit to be tied, red as fuck, pissed off, I was infected, with the  full moon rage of a lunar tick. So, instead of hunting John down, cutting off his cock and balls, shoving them down his throat till he was sufficiently suffocated, I attempted to address my grievance through the system. I showed up, at the county board finance committee meeting, I did not have  axe with me. I made a brief statement, about how I did not believe, the bid process was comparing Apple’s to Apple’s. There was a decision to table the matter, as they were not prepared, Chris James was not present and some members wanted to hear more from him. Two weeks later, same committee, no Chris James. Finance Committee goes behind close doors and awards job to low bid contractor. Weeks later at full board meeting July 2010 decision is rubber stamped by political board. Now there are two other actions I took before I showed up at the ccb with my axes. I made an attempt to contact media and I filed a formal complaint against John s license. Neither responded, that’s right the Wisconsin Dept of license and regulation, did not even respond. Many months later I followed up,after not hearing. When they responded, they didn’t even spell my name correctly, TAX DoLLARs at work!!! So, sir, I hope, now you might have a better understanding, of  MY AXE
Being brought by me to the ccb.

April 27, the date the boy used, was the date on the response letter, for open records request, writ mandamus or some shit like that, not the day I missed court. Likely a full moon


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