What the trees say to me

Fools foolin fools

Old school

Power shiftin

Goin down

Time to yin your yang

Ding a ling


Responsibility for the total



One Response to “What the trees say to me”

  1. Are you left or right handed? The reason I ask is i bought a new gransfors axe and the handle is bent so when I stand to hewn the log, the log is on my left hand side and the handle is bent out away from the log. My question is whether or not it is sharpened correctly or not. I believe the axe blade should have the flat side of the blade up against the wood and the sharpened beveled side facing away from the face of wood. The axe I have is opposite. It works but I think it would be better if sharpened the other way. Looking at your broad axes I would think you are right handed. If so my axe is sharpened the other way. I have read that it is personal preference and the way my axe is sharpened will leave more distinct/deeper hewing marks. Does this sound correct? I love the character that your wood is showing and want to know if what I have is incorrect. Thanks so much for your time.

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